Year: 2017

Hazones with David Prager

Wednesday 17th May 2017

David Prager takes you through a tour of the Cantorial exhibition at the Barbican Music Library.

JMI Exhibition at Barbican Music Library

Wednesday 17th May 2017

Jewish Music Institute – JMI – are honoured to partner with Barbican Music Library from 22nd February to 19th April 2017, presenting an exhibition of key archive and current work. On display will be a selection of JMI’s archive and key work over the last 33 years. We hear from JMI Chair Jennifer Jankel and Joe Loss Lecturer in Jewish Music Dr Ilana Webster-Kogen about the exhibition.

Ernest Bloch and the work JMI does with the International Ernest Bloch Society
ICSM – International Centre for Suppressed Music
Hazones and the JMI collection of cantorial music
JMI and the Joe Loss Lectureship