Bring a taste of Klezmer and Yiddish to your school, community
or local arts centre.

The KlezFest Caravan is a group of the most dynamic and inspiring performers and teachers in the current British Klezmer Scene. It is headed by Merlin Shepherd, Ilana Cravitz, Guy Schalom, Ros Hawley, Francesca Ter-Berg
and Polina Shepherd.

They, and others are ready to travel throughout the UK and abroad to perform, conduct practical workshops and present the Tantshoys (Dance House) - a Yiddish Dance Party with a caller and live klezmer music (which has proved excellent for team building and fundraising events).

Created by the Jewish Music Institute in 2010, this outreach programme fulfils the need expressed by a wide public to know more about and participate in traditional Eastern European Jewish music, song and dance.

Workshops are tailored for individual needs, appropriate age groups and all levels from beginners to professional instrumentalists and/or singers. Each session may include:

  • singing, clapping, walking in rhythm 
  • learning klezmer tunes, modes and ornamentation by ear
  • arranging music for ensemble playing
  • learning music for ensemble playing
  • learning traditional circle and line dance steps to the music
  • learning repertoire of Yiddish songs for individuals and choirs
  • instrumental or vocal masterclasses where appropriate 
  • group work and team building through music, song and dance
  • contextual information about the music, dances and songs 

Cost is flexible depending on length of workshop and number of facilitators or the type of entertainment required. Some subsidies are available.

To book a tailor-made KlezFest Caravan to visit your school, community or arts centre, call JMI on 020 8909 2445 or email to discuss your requirements, numbers and abilities of your group; number of sessions required, type of event, the date, venue, what kind of institution (if any) and your budget. We look forward to hearing from you.

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