Klezmer Workshops

Klezmer Workshops are tailored for individual needs, appropriate age groups and all levels from beginners to professional instrumentalists. Each session may include:

  1. singing, clapping, walking in rhythm 
  2. learning klezmer tunes, modes and ornamentation by ear  
  3. arranging music for ensemble playing
  4. learning traditional circle and line dance steps to the music 
  5. instrumental masterclasses where appropriate
  6. group work and team building through music, song and dance
  7. contextual information about the music and dances   

Emma Johnson, popular classical clarinettist says:

I had a brilliant time learning Klezmer clarinet at KlezFest. It was incredibly inspiring to take on something that was a bit scary to start with - although I love listening to Klezmer I have no background in playing it - and it was wonderful to feel by the end that I had some degree of mastery of the style. Joining the KlezFest players and Frank London in the Jazz Cafe is one of those concerts I'll never forget because of its spontaneous energy. Getting a cheer from the crowd when I hit a high note made me smile; that doesn't happen too often in classical concerts!

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