Yiddish Song Workshop

What’s in a Yiddish Song Workshop?

Take an inspiring journey with award-winning Yiddish singer Hilda Bronstein, through Eastern European Jewish history as it unfolds through the world of Yiddish Song. Vivi Lachs will introduce you to the Yiddish songs of London’s East End and Polina Shepherd will create a choir of great creativity and beauty.  

Sandra Webber, who came to Song School 2010 says:

I’d enquired about Song School with considerable self-doubt.  I sing in an amateur choir but have no voice training; I can read music but not sight-sing.  I knew and admired the faculty from concerts and CDs and felt daunted about studying with them. But Geraldine and Yvonne gave me the warmest encouragement to enrol, and indeed Song School managed to integrate all levels of experience. 

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Participants have called the Yiddish song workshop experience
'enriching', 'uplifting', 'heart-warming', and 'confidence building'

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