The Jewish Music Institute regularly organises major international conferences with participation from leading academics, commentators, film-makers and musicians.

This conference was presented with the Institute of Musical Research at the University of London under Director Dr. Malcolm Miller. Themed days focused on aspects of East and West, Arabic and Jewish musics, nationalism and ideologies of pioneer generations, modernism and post-modernism. Papers on composers from the former USSR in the 70s and 90s, mixed with more general topics such as sociology of music, memory and the impact of the Holocaust. Also addressed were popular musics such as Cabaret and nightclubs in Tel-Aviv, Israeli Rock, and the impact of folk song and liturgical styles and collaborative Arab-Jewish projects in Israel and beyond.  Contributors included Professor Amnon Shiloah (Hebrew University), Professor Arnold Whittall, (King’s College, London), Professor Jehoash Hirshberg (Hebrew University), and composers Yehezkel Braun, Andre Hajdu, Tsippi Fleischer, Michael Wolpe, Haim Permont, and Oded Zehavi.

This conference commemorating the anniversary of Bloch’s death focused on key themes including the composer’s status in the 21st century, his orchestral works, his reception in Israel and influence upon Israeli music, as well as oral histories of the Bloch family and issues of identity.  Speakers included Philip Bohlman (Chicago)
, David Z Kushner (Florida) and
 Klára Móricz (Amherst, Massachusetts)

Bloch Society website

This conference presented by JMI SOAS International Centre for Suppressed Music and the Institute of Musical Research, University of London had four key themes – the musical life in Europe before Hitler, the mechanics of the Third Reich’s musical policies, the dispersal of composers and musicians and musical life in Europe after Hitler. Contributors included Gottfried Wagner, great-grandson of Richard Wagner, Michael Haas, producer of the Decca ‘Entartete Musik’ recordings; music curator of the Jewish Museum Vienna; and Research Director of the JMI International Centre for Suppressed Music, Bret Werb, Director of Music at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Albrecht Dümling, Musica Reanimata, Berlin and Erik Levi, Royal Holloway University of London and author of Music in the Third Reich.

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