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Jewish Music Institute Newsletter

JMI publishes a printed newsletter at least once a year.  
You can read the JMI newsletters below. (From no. 11 they are in pdf format and you will need adobe reader). Click here to request a printed copy and also to sign up for the monthly email bulletin.  

Newsletter No. 18 — Autumn 2010
Silver Jubilee Commemorative Edition

Newsletter No. 17 — Autumn 2009
Yearbook of 2009

Newsletter No. 16 — Autumn 2008
Musical Dialogues Edition

Newsletter No. 15 — Spring 2007
International Summer School Edition

Newsletter No. 14 — Autumn 2006

350th Anniversary of Jews in Britain edition

Newsletter No. 13 — Summer 2006

Yiddish, Klezmer and Cantorial Summer programmes

Newsletter No. 12 — Autumn 2005

21st Anniversary Commemorative Edition

Newsletter No. 11 — Spring 2005
Britain sings and plays Jewish

Newsletter No. 10 — Autumn 2004

Libeskind, East West Dialogue
Newsletter No. 9 — Spring 2004

The Soul of the Fiddle Edition

Newsletter No. 8 — Autumn 2003

Autumn Seasons Overview

Newsletter No. 7 — Summer 2003
Eastern European Jewish Culture

Newsletter No. 6 — Autumn 2002
Concerts and Events Autumn 2002

Newsletter No. 5 — Spring 2002
Continental Britons Edition

Newsletter No. 4 — Summer 2001
Suppressed Music Edition

Newsletter No. 3 — Spring 2001
Millenium Awards Edition

Newsletter No. 2 — Autumn 2000

Menuhin Tribute Edition

Newsletter No. 1 — Spring 2000
Millennium Festival Edition

last modified: December 27, 2010

JMI HomepageAbout JMILatest News and UpdatesWhat is Jewish Music?LibraryNewsletterContact JMISearch the JMI websiteSitemap
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The Jewish Music Institute is an independent Arts organisation based at SOAS, University of London. It is an international focus bringing the ancient yet contemporary musical culture of the Jews to the mainstream British cultural, academic and social life. Its programmes of education, performance and information highlight many aspects of Jewish music throughout the ages and across the globe for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.