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Latest News and Updates
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Added 24 April 2012
Events Coordinator, Part time. (24 hours).

The Jewish Music Institute (JMI) is looking for an Events Manager to take a key role in programming, organising and promoting an inspiring annual programme of events including summer schools, workshops and concerts. This is a great opportunity for a creative, enthusiastic and highly organised individual to join a dynamic team at an exciting time in the organisation's development.

JMI is based at SOAS, University of London and is the driving force for Jewish music in the UK dedicated to the celebration, preservation and development of the living heritage of Jewish music for the benefit of people of all ages and backgrounds. The JMI's mission is to inform and inspire audiences with an exciting original programme of live performances, educational events and collaborative projects and to support musicians playing Jewish music across the UK enabling them to preserve traditional heritage, create new work and reach the widest audiences.

Key Skills required.

· Experience in organising events and events programming.

· Experience in event promotion and marketing is essential.

· A passion for a wide range of musical styles and a background in music (not necessarily Jewish music).

· An enthusiastic, adaptable, self-motivated team player.

· Good communication and presentation skills

· Excellent time management, organisational and administrative skills are essential.




Added 23 November 2011
Sophie Solomon becomes new Director of JMI to succeed Geraldine Auerbach

Added 28 September 2011
Alex Klein appointed Convenor of the JMI Cantorial Branch

Added 26 September 2011
A summary of JMI’s first 25 years

Added 26 September 2011
A summary of JMI’s mission and policy

Added 16 September 2011
New! Jewish Music Youth Ensemble

Added 15 September 2011
JMI and JCC launch Jewish Music Youth Ensemble

Added 9 September 2011
JMI seeks a new Director to follow Geraldine Auerbach

Added 7 September 2011
Klezmer in the Park 2011

Added 4 April 2011
Workshops and events in August and beyond

Added 18 July 2011
Klezmer in the Park 2011

Added 1 July 2011
Jennifer Jankel appointed JMI Chairman 15 June 2011

Added 5 June 2011
JMI Events in June

Added 4 April 2011
JMI KlezFest Summer School in association with SOAS

Added 4 April 2011
JMI Events from April to June

Added 7 February 2011
Latest news on Israeli Music Conference

Added 7 February 2011
Flyer for Tumbala and Ot Azoy! 2011

Added 28 December 2010
Israeli music conference updates

Added 13 November 2010
Newsletter No. 18 — Autumn 2010

Added 18 October 2010
New to Sephardi Music section: Programme notes by Avery Gosfield, co-director of the Ensemble Lucidarium in Italy

Added October 2010
A Tribute to Joe Loss: The Legend

Added 25 September 2010
JMI Courses and workshops this Autumn, 25 September 2010

Added 1 September 2010
JMI News Bulletin September

Added June 2010
KlezFest Concerts this August

Added May 2010
Special Feature: JMI KlezFest

Added March 2010
Spring Concert program

Added 19 June 2010
Only £100 for Dance strand at KlezFest 2010

Added 16 June 2010
Israeli music and Bloch music Competitions

Added 28 April 2010
New articles about Klezmer up North added

Added 29 March 2010
Make payments with PayPal.

Added 24 January 2010
New bursary page for KlezFest

Added 14 January 2010
New pictures added to the KlezFest pages

Added 11 January 2010
Merlin Shepherd, Jeff Warshauer and Deborah Strauss to teach at KlezFest 2010

Added 31 December 2009
KlezFest 2010 website now up.

Added 8 December 2009

Added 6 December 2009
World of Jewish Music at the Purcell Room, reviews and photos

Added 25 November 2009
New Newsletter, Newsletter No. 17 — Autumn 2009

Added 5 October 2009
New push for JMI Facebook page. Not a friend yet? Click here.

Added 1 October 2009
New classes at SOAS announced.

Added 28 September 2009
KlezFest 2010 dates announced.

Added 24 September 2009
A World of Jewish Music at the Southbank Centre.

Added on 6th September 2009
The Jim Marcovitch fund launched

Added on 1st September 2009
New Bloch Society Website.

Added on 12 December 2008
Lord Janner visits SOAS

Added 27 October 2008
Jim Marcovitch loses battle against Lymphoma

Added 26 July 2008
Geraldine Auerbach receiveds Honorary Fellowship from SOAS

Added 05 June 2008:
Shocking Death of a Rising Klezmer Star

Added 31st October 2007:
JMI run daily radio show on new Jewish radio station - JCOM Radio - The Sound of Jewish Music

Added 2 August 2007:
Jewish Song School at EDRS, starting 9th October 2007
The Pavarotti of the Bimah!!! - Special JMI Friends Outing

Added 1 August 2007:
ICSM Online Journal: New Reviews

Added 26 July 2007:

Oy Vey! JMI @ Edinburgh, August 2007. Timetable available

Added 23 July 2007:
Oy Vey! JMI @ Edinburgh, August 2007. New and updated information

Added 18 July 2007:
Ernest Bloch Jubilee Conference: Timetable available
'Exile Music' Conference and Concerts. Announcement and Call for Papers

Added 14 July 2007:
Jewish Song School 2007/2008

Added 18 June 2007:
New events and performances announced

Added 14 June 2007:
Newsletter No. 15 - International Summer School Edition (pdf)

Added 9 May 2007:
What's so special about KlezFest? Read what Laoise Davidson has to say to give you the needed little push to register

Added 22 April 2007:
Announcing The 2nd JMI European Cantors Convention, 19 - 21 June 2007

Added 13 March 2007:
New performances, concerts and events listed

Added 14 February 2007:
New opera reviews in the ICSM online journal

Added 11 February 2007:
KlezFest, OtAzoy and Jewish Song School 2007 Faculty

Added 29 January 2007:
Uncharted Waters. 22 February 2007. A recital by Eliot Alderman and Malcolm Miller.

Added 4 January 2007:
JMI@Edinburgh. We’re going to Edinburgh next August and you can come too!

Added 19 December 2006:
KlezFest Ad 2007 now online! (pdf)

Added 18 December 2006:
New information on KlezFest, Ot Azoy, and Jewish Song School 2007!

Added 14 December 2006:
The Violin in Jewish Tradition 'Classical and Klezmer', 11 March 2007 at the Artsdepot

Added 13 December 2006:
Ernest Bloch (1880–1959): Jubilee International Conference and Festival
Progressive Summer Programme

Added 6 November 2006:
14th Newletter. 350th Anniversary edition (pdf)

Added 1 November 2006:
New and updated performances and events

Added 30 October 2006:
Sponsor an Artist: Borsht to Blighty. Jewish Culture Day on the South Bank. 26 November 2006

Added 11 October 2006:
Dates announced for KlezFest, Ot Azoy!, and Jewish Song School 2007

Added 8 September 2006:
Aspects of the Cantor's Art. Wednesdays in November 2006

Added 23 August 2006:
Sing a Song. Jewish Culture Day at the South Bank Centre
Simcha on the Square. 17 September 2006. Download the poster

Added 29 July 2006:
Numerous new Jewish music concerts, performances and life events added

Added 20 June 2006:
Sephardi Song Workshop with Judith Cohen

Added 30 May 2006:
Jewish Song School 2006/2007

Added 21 May 2006:
Tell us about you and Jewish Music: Take part in our survey

Added 19 May 2006:
Newsletter No. 13. JMI Summer Programme (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)

Added 11 April 2006:
JMI Cantorial Summer Programmes 2006: updated information and new registration forms available
New Events for June 2006

Added 31 March 2006:
JMI Cantorial Summer Programmes 2006: New Information
Synagogue Music: new events added

Added 19 March 2006:
New ICSM Reviews: Opera, Concerts, CDs

Added 12 March 2006:
Download the KlezFest 2006 Flyer (pdf)

Added 19 February 2006:
JMI Fridays. A series of illustrated lunchtime lectures at SOAS
10 February — 17 March 2006

Added 16 February 2006:
New Information about Klezmertise, She'koyokh performance on 26 February 2006

Added 12 February 2006:
New Information in the Israeli Music Section / JMI Forum for Israeli Music

Added 5 February 2006:
New Live Events in February and March

Added 14 January 2006:
KlezFest, OtAzoy and Jewish Song School 2006 Faculty

Added 18 December 2005:
KlezFest, OtAzoy and Jewish Song School 2006. New and updated Information
JMI Cantoral Summer Schools 2006

Added 13 November 2005:
Suppressed Music: Auction of Zemlinsky Manuscripts. 1 Dec 2005. Sotheby's of London
Suppressed Music: New Obituaries
Suppressed Music: New Reviews, CDs, Books, Films

Added 11 November 2005:
Suppressed Music: New Conferences

Added 28 October 2005:
Newsletter No. 12. JMI is 21! Happy Birthday JMI! (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)
Upcoming Performances, Concerts and Live Events
Updated Information on the Jewish Culture Day. 27 November 2005 at the Southbank.

Added 14 October 2005:
Synagogue Music. New articles and reviews

Added 31 August 2005:
New Jewish Music Performances. Autumn 2005
JMI Jewish Culture Day 2005 at the South Bank Centre

Added 24 August 2005:
Klezmer Classes 2005/06. Starting 5 October

Added 23 August 2005:
Jewish Song School 2005/06 Starting 15 September
Yiddish Classes and Events. New Dates for 2005/2006

Added 22 August 2005:
2006 KlezFest, Ot Azoy!, Jewish Song Summer School
KlezFest 2005 Photo Gallery
Comments from KlezFesters on the 2005 Programme

Added 9 August 2005:
New articles, reviews and listings in the ICSM Online Journal

Added 29 July 2005:
New articles in the ICSM Online Journal

Added 3 July 2005:
KlezFest in the Park 2005, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July

Added 21 May 2005:
Thinking of coming to JMI Summer Schools this year? Laoise Davidson tells you why you should come
The Large Shared Repertory of Greek and Klezmer/Yiddish Vernacular Musics. A Talk. Wednesday 22 June 2005, 6.00pm
The Chen Zimbalista Trio, Sunday 17 July, 7.45pm

Added 26 March 2005:
JMI Summer Schools: read more about the instructors

Added 10 March 2005:
Cantorial Summer Schools 2005 NEW DATES!
Choral Festival 2005 FREE TO TAKE PART!

Added 9 March 2005:
Klezmer Klimax NEW DATE! 13 July 2005
KlezFest and Ot Azoy! more details
IFYC Yiddish in London listings

Added 11 January 2005:
Klezmer evening and Sunday classes

Added 4 January 2005:
performance programme January-July 2005
JMI Summer Schools: Cantorial art and Jewish choral music
Jewish Choral Gems 3 July 2005
JMI Summer Schools: KlezFest London with the Klezmatics, Jewish Song School, Ot Azoy!
Klezmer Klimax 14 July 2005

Added 12 October 2004:
2005 and 2006 Dates for KlezFest and Ot Azoy! announced

Added 09 October 2004:
JMI Newsletter No 10. Libeskind, East West Dialogue and the Art of Cantor

Added 26 Septmber 2004:
Cantorial Classes 2004/2005
Cantor Charles Lowy: New CD and Book released

Added 14 September 2004:
Cantors in Concert 20 December 2004, Queen Elizabeth Hall
Read an appreciation of Ot Azoy! 2004

Added 13 September 2004:
Mátyás Seiber Centenary 2005. From Spring 2005
Read a review of the KlezFest 2004

Added 10 September 2004:
Jewish Song School 2004/2005. Starts 14 October 2004
Klezmer Classes 2004/2005 Starts 5 October 2004

Added 22 August 2004:
JMI Cantorial Winter School 19—23 December 2004

Added 21 August 2004:
A series of concerts to accompany the Daniel Libeskind exhibition 'Space of Encounter' at the Barbican Art Gallery. Wednesdays: 13 October, 17 November, 15 December and 12 January

Added 20 August 2004:
Muwashshhaat: International Conference and Concert, 8—10 October 2004
Musical Dialogues of East and West, JMI Jewish Culture Day. Workshop, Discussion, Concerts. 28 November 2004

Added 05 August 2004:
New information about the KlezFest in Regents Park, 7 and 8 August 2004

Added 24 July 2004:
Jewish Music Evening Classes at SOAS 2004/2005, from October 2004

Added 21 July 2004:
Hot Beats on Rye 2004 @ Spitz. 4, 5, and 30 August 2004
New information about the KlezFest in Regents Park, 7 and 8 August 2004

Added 20 June 2004:
Jewish Music in Regents Park, 7 and 8 August 2004

Added 18 June 2004:
KlezFest - What is it? Find out more about the KlezFest
KlezFest London Timetable, 8—12 August 2004
Review and Images of 'The King of Lampedusa' 60th Anniversary Celebration in December 2003
Review and Images of 'A Weekend with the Klezmatics' Concert, Workshop and Jam in May 2004

Added 17 May 2004:
JMI Newsletter No. 9. The Soul of the Fiddle Edition

Added 14 May 2004:
Yiddish Cabaret 13 June 2004: Call for Auditions. 27 May 2004
Celebrating Yiddish Literature: A one day festival. Detailed programme available. 23 May 2004
In my Garden: Yiddish Songs and Music of Love and Rejoicing. The Strauss Warschauer Duo with guest singer Shura Lipovsky. 5 August 2004

Added 29 April 2004:
JMI Cantorial Summer School. 20—24 June 2004. New information and registration form

Added 22 April 2004:
Klezmatics Party, Jam, Workshop and Concert, 2—3 May 2004

Added 17 April 2004:
International Forum for Suppressed Music, Newsletter No.7

Added 9 April 2004:
JMI Cantorial Summer School. 20—24 June 2004
JEECS Guided Walks. 29 and 30 August 2004
JEECS Three-day Residential Jewish East End Weekend, 3—5 September 2004
JEECS East End Celebration 5 September 2004

Added 7 April 2004:
JEECS Guided Walk: Pickles Pimps and the Palais. 2 May 2004

Added 31 March 2004:
Jewish Music Day at Regents Park. 8 August 2004
The Art of Cantor. Masterclasses and Workshops. June 2004
Shostakovich and Jewish Music. A Talk followed by a Concert. 25 April 2004




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