Newsletters of the Jewish Music Heritage Trust /Jewish Music Institute 1993 – 2010


Introduction by Geraldine Auerbach MBE, founding Director of JMI, London, November 2019


Cultural activities can be ephemeral. But once documented, these activities stand a chance of being caught for posterity. Now that our Newsletters (1993 – 2010) as well as our Festival programmes (1984 – 2000) are not only in print, but also digitised and on the World Wide Web, everyone can follow the range and scope of Jewish music activity in London.

For this digitisation we give our heartfelt thanks to our partner, Herve Roten, the Director of Jewish Music Institute in Paris and to Jean-Gabriel Davis who managed the process.

Our Jewish music adventure in London first started as the Bnai Brith Jewish Music Festival in 1984. This became the Jewish Music Heritage Trust (JMHT) in 1989. Then in 1999 we established the Jewish Music Institute (JMI) at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

It was clear from the interest aroused by the first Jewish music festival in 1984 that there was considerable interest in Jewish music. So, we went on to present biennial festivals, make and distribute recordings as well as develop a lectureship, international conferences and teaching programmes, first at City University in Islington, and thereafter at SOAS, University of London.

A large following grew, and it seemed a logical step to keep them well informed about past, current and future events and activities related to Jewish music. So, ten years later, in the summer of 1993, the JMHT Newsletter came in to being. At first it was one typed sheet (with very erratic numbering) creeping up to two, three and four sheets. By 2000, when JMHT had become the Jewish Music Institute, these twice-yearly JMI Newsletters were posted out to an audience that eventually came to number over 8,000 people across the world.

These Newsletters captured for posterity all the activity as it happened. They came to be beautifully designed and printed with many photographs and grew from 8 to 12, then 16 to 20 pages and in full colour. In addition, in the ‘noughties’ Laoise Davidson compiled ‘Nu? Musik!’ aimed at young people and featuring news of the explosion of young musicians developing individual styles of Jewish music around the world.

The last printed Newsletter that I compiled, edited and distributed, no 18, was in the autumn of 2010. It took the form of a ‘Silver Jubilee’ issue in full colour, looking back at the last 25 years, with quotes and pictures from key people and events over the period – and looking forward to the next era.

Since my retirement as the founding Director of all this, at the end of 2011, I am delighted and gratified to see the way in which Jennifer Jankel (Chair) and Gil Karpas, together with their wonderful trustees and teams are continuing to develop and celebrate Jewish music in so many of its aspects. Their current monthly email Newsletters are a joy to read and the number of events that they create, and support, is astounding. Long may this continue.

Geraldine Auerbach MBE, London, November 2019.



List of digitised Newsletters

NumberDateNumber of pagesJMHT/JMINote
1: 11993 Summer 12JMHTCity University etc
2: 1a1993 Summer 1a2JMHTCity University etc
3:   21993 Autumn2JMHTMusic in Terezin
4:   31993 December2JMHTLarry Adler etc
5:   3A21994 February2JMHTLarry Adler birthday
6:   Vol. 1 issue 41994 June4JMHTInternational Conference
7:   Vol. 1 issue 51994 September4JMHTFestival reprieved
8:   Vol. 2 issue 11995 Spring4JMHTSacred music
9:   Vol. 2 issue 21995 Autumn4JMHTFestival
10: Vol. 3 issue 11996 Spring4JMHTAustrian Jewish Festival
11: Festival1996 Autumn4JMHTAustrian Jewish Festival
12: Vol. 4 issue 11997 Spring4JMHTBBC singers Mizrahi
13: Vol. 4 issue 21997 Summer/ Autumn8JMHTMendelssohn in Britain
14: Celebration1997 November4JMHTSouthbank Centre
15: Vol. 5 issue 11998 Summer8JMHTWorld of Jewish Music
16: Vol. 6 issue 11999 Spring4JMHTJewish music studies SOAS
17: Vol. 6 issue 21999 Autumn2JMHTCulture Southbank Centre
12000 Spring8JMIMillennium Festival
22000 Autumn4JMIMenuhin Tribute
32001 Spring6JMIMillennium Awards
42001 Summer4JMISuppressed Music
52002 Spring12JMI‘Continental Britons
62002 Autumn8JMIAutumn concerts
72003 Spring8JMIEastern European
82003 Autumn12JMIAutumn season
92004 Spring16JMISoul of the fiddle
102004 Autumn16JMILibeskind
112005 Spring16JMIIncludes Nu? Musik! No 1
122005 Autumn16JMIColour 25th Anniversary
132006 Spring8JMIA5 colour
142006 Autumn20JMI‘Simcha on the Square’   includes Nu? Musik! No 4
152007 Spring20JMIKol Isha
162008 Autumn8JMIMusical Dialogues
172009 Autumn20JMIIncludes Nu? Musik! No 5
182010 Autumn16JMISilver Jubilee
Nu? Musik No 2Winter 0512JMIA5 colour
Nu? Musik No 3Spring/ Summer 0612JMIA5 colour