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JMI International Centre for Suppressed Music (ICSM)

The International Centre for Suppressed Music (ICSM) was established in September 1999, by the Jewish Music Institute, (JMI) at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, as a platform to bring together all those working in the field of suppressed music to promote the study and performance of music suppressed by the Nazis. Although its early focus is on composers who suffered under the Third Reich, the ICSM is also platform for examining music under other totalitarian regimes.

Barry Humphries (left) Launches ‘The Spoli Fund’ to support the work of the JMI International Centre for Suppressed Music at the home of Lady Solti (centre) in May 2009. In the background, Conductor Marios Papadopoulos and Soprano Tessa Cahill.

The event was held to honour Michael Haas who won the highest cultural award from the City of Vienna for his exhibitions of émigré composers at the Jewish Museum in Vienna. Read more about the event and click here to read Michael Haas’ response to winning the award.

Read Michael Haas’ article on Entartete Musik from the Jewish Quarterly 2009

Music suppressed by the Third Reich

What might have evolved as the language of music in Western Europe had composers, at the most crucial stage of their careers in the 1930s, not been forced from their homeland is a subject that is now being addressed with increasing intensity world-wide. The International Centre for Suppressed Music is in the forefront of research, education, publication, recording, performance and communication of information on this vast range of forbidden music.

This website holds details of conferences, concerts and publications in this field and will expand to contain an updated performance calendar from information received and databases of repertoire as well as links to related sites.

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The International Centre for Suppressed Music has embarked on a number of projects, among them, to record the oral testimony of composers and musicians of the early part of the 20th Century in Central Europe, their families and friends. It is preparing to receive the archives of musicians of the period, establishing databases of the repertoire, developing major enterprises in the study, reconstruction, performance and recording of this music, and publishing, both by print and electronic means, new scholarship as well as material not hitherto available in English.

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President: Sir Simon Rattle

Executive Committee and Editorial Board:
Michael Haas, Research Director (IFSM), Producer 'Entartete Musik' Series, Decca
Alexander Knapp Joe Loss Lecturer in Jewish Music, SOAS, University of London
Erik Levi, Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway University of London, Author Music in the Third Reich
Lloyd Moore, Composer
Martin Anderson, Writer and Publisher (Toccata Press)
Betty Sagon Collick, Consultant JMI
Geraldine Auerbach MBE, Jewish Music Institute, SOAS

Advisory Board:
Brendan G. Carroll, International Korngold Society
Albrecht Dümling, Musica Reanimata and 'Entartete Musik' Exhibition Curator, Berlin
Christopher Hailey, Franz Schreker Foundation LA and Schoenberg Institut, Vienna
Dr Peter Tregear, Executive Director, Academy of Performing Arts, Monash University.
Martin Schüssler, Rathaus Foundation, New York, Berlin

Patrons: Leon Botstein, Lawrence Foster, Matthias Goerne, Barry Humphries, John Mauceri, Spoli Mills, Vilém Tauski

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International Centre for Suppressed Music Jewish Music Institute
The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Tel +44 (0)20 7898 4307
email: ifsm[at]

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last modified: December 23, 2011


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