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Listings > Performances & Festivals

Five Commemorative Concerts at St Paul's Church
August 2007 - May 2008 (posted 14 July 2007)

Schreker’s 'Die Gezeichneten' in Amsterdam
May 2007 (posted 9 October 2006)

Concerts and Conference in Salzburg
Salzburg Easter Festival April 2006 (posted 9 August 2005)

Schreker and Zemlinsky in Berlin
Berlin Philharmonic’s 2005–6 season (posted 9 August 2005)

Festival Voix Étouffées ('Silenced Voices Festival')
Paris Region 11-16 November 2005 (posted 20 August 2005)

Gesprächskonzert: Anspielen gegen das Grauen
Berlin 29 September 2005 / London 24 January 2006 (posted 9 August 2005)

Mátyás Seiber Centenary 2005
From Spring 2005 (posted 13 Sept. 2004)

Thwarted Voices: Music Suppressed by the Third Reich
12 January 2005 6.15pm.
One of a series of four concerts to accompany the Daniel Libeskind Exhibition (posted 21 Aug. 2004)

Korngold in Berlin
Deutsche Oper in Berlin, 2 December 2004 (posted 9 August 2005)

Thwarted Voices
24 October 2004 . A yearly concert organised and performed by pianist Phillip Silver, Minsky Recital Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME (posted 9 August 2005)

Songs and Music from Theresienstadt
Sunday 13 June 2004 (posted 31 March 2004)

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Listings > Conferences

'Exile Music' Conference and Concerts
9-11 April 2008, London (posted 18 July 2007)

Shostakovich: Centenary Reflections
17-19 September 2006, Cambridge University (posted 11 Nov 2005)

Music and Resistance: 1933–1945
10-11 April 2006, Salzburg University (posted 11 Nov 2005)

Trajectories of Memory: Intergenerational Representations of the Holocaust in History and the Arts
23–26 March 2006, Bowling Green State University , Ohio , USA
(posted 11 Nov 2005)

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Listings > Other Events

Auction of Zemlinsky manuscripts
1 December 2005, Sotheby's of London
(posted 13 Nov 2005)

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Listings > Publications & Scores

Mieczysław Weinberg (1919–96): Scores Available
(posted 16 July 2007)

CD Recording Project: 'Voices of Europe'
by Norbert Meyn (posted 9 October 2006)

Publication of Full Score of Zemlinsky’s 'Der Zwerg'
by Lloyd Moore (posted 9 October 2006)

Vítězslava Kaprálová: Publication of 'Songs for Voice and Piano' by Karla Hartl, Chair, The Kapralova Society
(posted 24 May 2006)

KZ Musik: 24-CD Survey of Music in the Concentration Camps
(posted 24 May 2006)

Scores: A ‘Weinberg Service’ from Moscow (via Hamburg)
by Ulrike Patow (posted 24 May 2006)

Präsentation des "Lexikons exilierter Musiker und Musikerinnen der NS-Zeit"
20 April 2006
, Hamburg


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