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Klezmer Classes 2008 - Summer Term
posted 02 April 2008

Ever thought of playing Klezmer?Learn and play this exhilarating musical style with some of the UKs leading Klezmorim. Discover the depth of the Klezmer repertoir, find out how to make your instrument speak with a yiddish accent, learn all about the rhythms and dances and join the ever-growing family of klezmer musicians in the UK.

Experienced tutors include: Abbi Wood, Laoise, Meg Hamilton, Jim Markovitch, Susi Evans, Merlin Shepherd, Robin Harris, Stewart Curtis, Michael Kahan and Guy Schalom

JMI Klezmer classes this Summer term are all about Klezmer fusions – fusions with Balkan music, Jazz and dance music. You will learn new tunes as well as transform tunes you already know into jazzy, funky dance tracks. What’s more, this term is all about having FUN with Klezmer!!!

The programme is open to all Klezmer musicians from beginner to advanced and for all ages. Please let others know about these classes by forwarding this email to all your musician friends and acquaintances.

The classes take place on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm at SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG.

15th April – Klezmer and Balkan music – Room G52, SOAS
Susi and Matt (from She’Koyokh) will be playing around with Klezmer tunes that are also Balkan tunes, playing Balkan tunes with Klezmer ornaments and Klezmer tunes with Balkan ornaments. They might even teach a couple of cool 7/8 tunes!

22nd + 29th April – Klezmer Jazz Funk – Room G52, SOAS
Stewart Curtis, Leader of K-Groove, will be working with you to funk up some Klezmer tunes. Learn about arrangements and experiment with melodies, improvisation and rhythm – Klezmer will never sound the same again!

15th April – Klezmer and Balkan music – Room G3 SOAS
Susi and Matt are back for another week of Klezmer Balkan Boogie

13th + 20th May– Klezmer Jazz Fusion – Room G3 SOAS
Robin Harris, Trombonist with She’Koyokh, will be looking at Klezmer Jazz crossover, working with you to develop improvisation skills, connecting with new rhythms and how to transform a Klezmer tune into a Jazz piece.

27th May – Klezmer Dance fusion – Room G3
3rd June - Klezmer Dance fusion – Room G52
Max Pashm will be bringing along some savvy bits of software and his laptop to show you how to create your very own Klezmer Club records. He will be able to record you playing over some very clever computer generated grooves during the class and show you how to create live Klezmer dance mixes. You can even get a CD with your track on it to take home with you!

10 June – Klezmer Party – G52
For the last class of term we will have a jam and a party and a pre-KlezFest get together (and for those of you who have just finished exams, a chance to wind down and relax!)

Classes cost £12 per class or £90 for all 9 classes if paid by 15 April

Concessionary rates are £8 per class or £65 for all 9 classes if paid by 15 April

Special rates available for SOAS students.

Also, don't forget to book your place at KlezFest –


Presented by the Jewish Music Institute in association with the Department of Music SOAS.

Download registration form: PDF document or Word Document

For more information or to answer any questions please contact Laoise Davidson T: +44 (0)20 7878 4307 E:


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