JMI Summer Schools

JMI is dedicated to education and learning. Our world famous and hugely popular week long Summer Schools courses in Yiddish language, Yiddish song and Klezmer take place every August at SOAS.

Ot Azoy! 2021

Discover JMI’s famous full immersion course in Yiddish Language for people of all ages, levels and backgrounds, where even complete beginners learn to speak, read, write, sing and even dream in Yiddish in a week.

Ot Azoy Yiddish language classes are held at 4 levels, and is directed by Dr Khayele Beer with a faculty of world class Yiddish tutors and experts: Sonia Pinkusowitz-Dratwa, Lily Kahn and Simo Muir.

You will have the privilege of working with some of the UK and Europe’s top educators. No matter what your level in Yiddish whether a beginner or a budding linguist, you will benefit from the level of teaching excellence from faculty.

The language school sessions include reading, writing and speaking Yiddish.

When: Sunday 11th July to Thursday 15th July
ONLINE: Click here for more details and to book tickets.

Yiddish Songwriting Academy 2021

Yiddish Songwriting Academy NEW!! (Online)
Initiated and directed by Shura Lipovsky

Experience this summer the joy of writing and composing Yiddish songs at the Yiddish Songwriting Academy, new this year as part of the Golden Peacock Yiddish Song School in London.

A taste of new Yiddish songwriting, inspired by the old world and moving towards the world of today.

This course will be a start, an impetus to provide you with inspiration from an overview of existing repertoire by the revered pianist and director of the Yiddish Folksbiene Zalmen Mlotek (New York), to getting to know songwriters of today, who will present some of their material with an insight in what has inspired them till this moment in time.

Among those we welcome the acclaimed singer/songwriter Dan Kahn.

This first course (on line) will be an invitation to start thinking about composing melodies to existing texts, to translate famous songs into Yiddish and to think of how to write new texts in Yiddish, in close collaboration with the Ot Azoy director Helen Beer.

Shura Lipovsky, Award winning singer/lyricist/composer, initiates this new academy to stimulate other performers, writers and composers to create a new body of yiddish song repertoire, to contribute to a renewal and a continuation of a thriving yiddish culture.

When: Monday 12th July to Thursday 15th July
ONLINE: Click here for more details and to book tickets.

Klezfest 2021

We are very happy to announce that our world famous Klezmer summer school is back again for 2021.

Join the world famous music school and learn klezmer this summer at KlezFest 2021. Here is a a peek into what you can expect:

  • Arranging and composing klezmer music
  • Jam session survival training
  • Harmonising klezmer music
  • Jam sessions
  • How to make your instrument speak Yiddish

  • Teaching in instruments groups
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Upper strings
  • Lower strings
  • Percussion
  • Plucked strings
  • Accordion & piano


    Woodwind:  Susi Evans (Clarinet), Michael Winograd (Clarinet), Laurent Clouet (clarinet),
    Brass: Susan Hoffman Watts (trumpet), Dan Blacksberg (Trombone) Frank London (Trumpet)
    Upper strings: Amit Weisberger (Violin), Anna Lowenstein (Violin), Flora Curzon (Violin) Deborah Strauss (violin)
    Lower strings: Francesca Ter-Berg (Cello),
    Percussion: Simon Roth (Drums),
    Plucked strings: Jeff Warschauer (Guitar/Mandolin),
    Accordion/piano: Alan Bern (accordion), Szilvia Csaranko (Accordion/Piano),


When: Monday 12th July to Thursday 15th July
ONLINE: Click here for more details and to book tickets.

For more information please call 020 7898 4307