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JMI Online – Akko Arabesque Festival 2020


Wednesday 25th November 2020 | 5:00 pm
Thursday 26th November 2020 | 9:00 pm
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Jerusalem Orchestra East West
′′The Soundtrack Of Our Lives ′′

Akko Arabesque Festival
Live: 5pm – 9pm (UK time)
Wednesday 25th November
5pm-7pm GMT

The Jerusalem Orchestra East West conducted by the Maestro Tom Cohen with soloists: Idan Amadi, Ziv Yehezkel, Lina Makhul and Sama Shoufani.

Conducted by the festival’s artistic director – Tom Cohen.


‘La Casbah’

This unique music ensemble, based in Israel, is composed of members that share a deep connection to North African music from Algeria and Morocco. They focus on Chaabi and on Classical Andalusian music and explore other genres.

′′Dialna – The Next Generation′′
Akko Arabesque Festival
Live: 5pm – 9pm (UK time)
Thursday 26th November
5pm-7pm GMT

“Dialna – the next generation” 

Three musicians – Elad Levy (Kamanja), Omri Mor (piano) and Hagai Bilitzky (oud and double bass) – join forces and stage an authentic Andalusian show, with a unique orchestra formed especially for the 2020 Arabesque Festival and consisting of the next generation of their students.

Soloists: Neta Elkayam and Yochai Cohen.

Musical direction and mandolin: Tom Cohen


Diwan Saz

Diwan Saz is a unique ensemble that plays and profound in the musical traditions of Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East. The verbal and melodic contents of their compositions are influenced by many folk traditions, along with the Jewish and Arab musical heritage across the Middle East.

You can watch the performance at 5pm GMT onwards on our Facebook page on on our website.

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