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JMI Online: Khamsa (GWMF)


Thursday 25th March
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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JMI are proud to partner with Gibraltar World Music Festival to bring you a series of exclusive pre-recorded live concerts


Singers: Neta Elkayam, FrançoiseAtlan & Abir et Abed

Since her childhood, Neta Elkayam has been surrounded by Moroccan-Jewish music, as a result, together with the members of her band- the younger generation, she has taken a leading role in all that pertains to the Moroccan music in Israel. The ultimate goal of the band is to combine their love of traditional Moroccan music, their loyalty to a young, contemporary identity and their commitment to taking the music forward to the next stage with compositions and texts that are relevant to today.

Each member of the band has his/her own musical language which they juxtapose with the musical traditions of their mentors. The songs written by them in Darija, a Moroccan dialect, are an attempt to produce authentic contemporary traditional songs in Moroccan Arabic based on traditional sources and aimed at the largest possible audiences. It is also an attempt to bring together Maghreb communities, Jews and Muslims, and open up the hearts of listeners whoever they may be.

The ‘Howa Jani’ project is inspired by archival recordings and old records of Jewish Maroccan musicians, and consists of their own arrangements of traditional Moroccan songs, as well as original compositions by Neta and her partner Amit. This is a project in which the ecstatic rhythms combine with nostalgic melodies of the Maghreb, and classic sound with contemporary musical sensibilities.

Jazz Oil was created in July 2008 in Tunis by an unexpected duo: Bassist Slim Abida & Qanunist* Nidhal Jaoua, both using their instrument as solists. Later joined by a drum & brass section as well as keyboards, Duality still shapes the band Identity as for styles and territories involved: Jazz/ Groove & Oriental music heritage.

David Morales is a Flamenco dancer and choreographer, whose strength is linked to a natural talent. He is a master of all flamenco styles. He is touring with his last choreography: Lorca, Madly in Love, that embodies the figure of the Andalusian poet Garcia Lorca, with himself and the memories that will engage and partner the public in this heartbreaking story of love that gives notice, for the first time, of the last affair of the poet and that might be the reason why he did not flee to Spain despite the fact that he knew his life was in danger.


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