KlezNorth on the Moor – on Ilkley Moor

KlezNorth on the Moor (10-12 June) will be at the beautiful Fell Edge on Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire, which has oodles of space for camping and stunning views of the moors. The Musical Director will be the virtuoso Klezmer clarinetist Merlin Shepherd with a fantastic team of tutors: Michael Alpert, Gica Loening, Sonia Gollance and Phil Tomlinson. The weekend will […]

JMI’s World Of Jewish Music

Come and join JMI's journey through the Diaspora traditions and genres of Jewish MusicIn this feature presentation, we will journey together around the world, across time and geography to examine and celebrate the rich diversity and living heritage of Jewish music.Ashkenazi: Dr Alex Knapp - JMI Trustee and the first Joe Loss Lecturer in Jewish Music Sephardi: JMI […]

JMI Online: Azrieli Music Prize in Israel 2021

Screening information: This programme will be available to watch at the location above (where the picture is positioned) on the date of the event.The Azrieli Foundation was pleased to partner with the Israel Contemporary Players for the Israel premieres of award-winning works by 2020 Azrieli Music Prize (AMP) laureates: Keiko Devaux (The Azrieli Commission for […]