JMI Online: Jerusalem Orchestra East West: Homage to Albert Suisa & Sliman El Maghribi

We are proud to announce that our live broadcast partnership with Jerusalem Orchestra East West continues into a new season with a concert paying homage to Albert Suisa & Sliman El Maghribi.This concert features the musical brilliance of the Jerusalem Orchestra East West, the vocal virtuosity and passion of singers Neta Elkayam, Emil Zrihen and […]

JMI Online: LEGENDS – 10th Litvak Days Concert

CONCERT LEGENDS Concert programme dedicated to remember one of the most prominent Lithuanian composers, who passed us in the last years.Gleb PYŠNIAK | celloRokas ZUBOVAS | pianoProgramme: Composer: Anatolijus Šenderovas "Two Songs of Shulamith”Composer: Vidmantas Bartulis "I'm Seeing My Friend Off and We Are Taking One Last Look at the Snow-covered February Trees"Composer: Faustas Latėnas […]

EFG London Jazz Festival: Nani

Nani is an acclaimed international Singer-Songwriter based in Amsterdam. This year she focuses on her fourth release 'Ke Haber' ('What's New'), the world's first original Ladino artist. This is a ground-breaking record for many reasons: it captures the spirit of an endangered language & culture, propels it into the 21st century with socially pertinent lyrics, […]

JMI Online: Yiddish Songwriting Academy

Yiddish Songwriting Academy NEW!! (Online)Initiated and directed by Shura Lipovsky This year Shura Lipovsky is establishing a new school for the Jewish Music Institute in London: Yiddish Songwriting Academy (YSA). Although it will ultimately be for people who feel called upon to write songs or to compose on existing Yiddish texts, this year (because of […]

£150 – £250

JMI’s Klezfest 2022

We are very happy to announce that our world famous Klezmer school will be back again for 2022. Join the world famous music school and learn klezmer this summer at KlezFest 2022. Here is a a peek into what you can expect: Teaching in instruments groups Woodwind Brass Upper strings Lower strings Percussion Plucked strings […]