JMI Online: Lucidarium – Sounds From Shylocks Venice

Programme marking the 500-Year Anniversary of the Establishment of the Venice Ghetto16th century Venice was a place where Jews were largely able to live according to their beliefs and traditions, at the same time as they carried out an intense, continuous exchange with their Gentile neighbors in the piazze where everyone gathered, regardless of class […]

JMI Online: Lucidarium – Recital – Iter Hierosolymitanum

Iter Hierosolymitanum – The Way to JerusalemJew and Christian at the Time of the Crusades (1095 – 1291) LucidariumLior Leibovici, Enrico Fink: voice, Luca Piccioni: voice, lute, gitternAvery Gosfield: recorder, pipe and taborÉlodie Poirier: vielle, rebecMassimiliano Dragoni: percussion, hammer dulcimer Concert recorded on April 14th, 2019, at the "Les Amis de la Musique Juive" festival.Many […]

JMI Online: The Sound & Light Cinematic Duo – Five Brides

The Sound & Light Cinematic Duo performing to Five Brides (Film) Performing as Jewish musicians would have done in the early days of cinema, Merlin and Polina Shepherd will play Jewish music to accompany this silent film. Their playing acts as the perfect foil for these amazing historic documents. With their deep training, musical experience […]

JMI Online: Ot Azoy 2021 (SOLD OUT)

OT AZOY 2021 HAS SOLD OUT - PLEASE EMAIL HERE TO ADD YOURSELF TO THE WAITING LIST Discover JMI’s famous full immersion course in Yiddish Language for people of all ages, levels and backgrounds, where even complete beginners learn to speak, read, write, sing and even dream in Yiddish in a week. Ot Azoy Yiddish language […]

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JMI Online: Klezfest 2021

We are very happy to announce that our world famous Klezmer summer school is back again for 2021. Join the world famous music school and learn klezmer this summer at KlezFest 2021. Here is a a peek into what you can expect: Teaching in instruments groups Woodwind Brass Upper strings Lower strings Percussion Plucked strings […]

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JMI Online: Yiddish Songwriting Academy

Yiddish Songwriting Academy NEW!! (Online)Initiated and directed by Shura Lipovsky This year Shura Lipovsky is establishing a new school for the Jewish Music Institute in London: Yiddish Songwriting Academy (YSA). Although it will ultimately be for people who feel called upon to write songs or to compose on existing Yiddish texts, this year (because of […]

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